Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Have Stolen My Heart!


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  2. Dear Michael and Daniel:

    I happened to come across your blog quite by accident. I was searching Google for "holding hands" pictures for inspirational purposes, as I work for several publishers as a cover artist. But that's not the reason why I write this. I watched your wedding video, and I was so moved by what I saw. My breath was taken away because the two men I saw were in such love and devotion to each other. May you always and forever remain that happy.

    I do apologize for the lateness in congratulating you both.


  3. Wow. I just wanted to offer you my sincere congratulations!

    I'm gay and LDS and married (to a woman). Despite what many might say about my situation, I am very happy. I am faithful to the church and its teachings, but also am an advocate for people choosing a path of life that is right and authentic for them.

    I think it's awesome that you identified and chose the path of life that was best for you two. Again, congratulations!! :)

  4. ah still love it. you guys should update your blog more often. --karen